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Sean Tyla skapade den brittiska pubrocken. Nu besöker han Söråker igen!

Denna gång akustiskt med Micke Finell!!

This isn't a fanciful, 'one-off' diversion but a driven, full-blown, long-term venture to which all members are totally committed, despite the demands of other projects they are already involved in. The evidence is clearly defined in their live performances and in the grooves of their debut album, 'Bad Trouble'. With such a veritable haul of silver and gold studio albums, and tours of the world between them, the Trouble Boys are a class act by any standards and a whole lot of trouble when it come to rocking your socks off! Get checked out by your doctor before you go to see them. They are loud and nasty and they rock like a crab boat in a force ten gale - they are the Trouble Boys.

När? Måndag 2/4 kl 19.00
Ring 060-400 73
Pris: 150 kr

Nya Operasäsongen 2018-2019!

Kultur- och sportlovsprogram 2019

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